Aerial Performances

There is no 'one size fits most' option when it comes to creating the perfect stand out event. We create exclusive, customised event entertainment packages tailored to individual needs, requests and budgets.
Our hands on approach, professionalism and attention to detail is what we are known for. We can either follow your brief or hand us the reins and let us create something truly magical!

Aerial Dreaming also have our own portable rigging! With rubberized feet, our rigs can be safely set up indoors and outdoors, meaning there is no rigging to the building required! Our rigs are set up, likewise packed up in under 20 minutes, and can be set to multiple heights.

Aerialist on silks performing the splits

Aerial Silks

A demonstration of grace, beauty, strength and flexibility with our talented aerialists dancing, spinning, and performing enchanting drops through delicate folds of fabric suspended high in the air. Our aerial silk performances are visually stunning ensuring your event will not be easily forgotten!


Duo Silks

Featuring two amazing aerialists together on one silk! Together the aerialists intertwine and dance a beautiful aerial display that always is a crowd favourite.


AerialĀ  Hoop (Lyra)

Suspended in the air, our beautiful aerialists spin and dance around the hoop, creating a magically beautiful and elegant routine.

This apparatus requires the aerialists to have a high level of strength and flexibility, and is visually enchanting to watch.


Atmospheric Sets

The perfect performance to help set the mood for your event. Suitable for private parties to corporate events. Atmospheric sets can range from 15 minutes to 30 mins depending on your event.

A perfect combination to package with a feature aerial performance.


Synchronized Routines

The more aerialists the better! Two, three, even four aerialists performing a choreographed routine at the same time.


Dream Hoop (Lyra)

A favourite for weddings! Our aerialist dances gracefully through the air on a hoop made from flowers. A romantic, beautiful and memorable addition to an event!

Aerial Dreaming

Outdoor event? Venue does not have rigging points?

Our free standing rigs are the perfect option! Set up virtually anywhere your imagination desires!

With rubber feet that will not damage internal floors, our rig can be set up at multiple heights, with a maximum of 6 meters.

Quick and easy set up and pack down with no external tie downs required.




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