Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How tall is the portable Aerial Rig?

Our rig can be set up at three different heights, 4.8 meters, 5.5 meters and 6.1 meters at its maximum height.

The base between the rig legs are 5 meters apart. An area of at least 7 x 7 meters is advised for aerial rig placement within your venue.

Can any venue be rigged in for an Aerial Performance?

The venues must be assessed by one of our aerialists and our professional circus advanced rigger to ensure appropriate suitability and height requirements. Discussions and alternative arrangements will be suggested if necessary (e.g. the use of a portable aerial rig depending on location). The aerialists will ensure placement of the apparatus and all movements within the routine will be at a safe distance from guests.

The safety of our aerialists, the venue, and the guests are of utmost importance.

Who provides access to the beams for rigging?

It is the event organisers responsibility to provide appropriate accessibility (in the form of a ladder, cherry picker, lift) to the required beams for rigging. The aerialists will provide all aerial equipment and rigging required for the performance.

In the absence of a structural beam, or for outdoor performances, our portable rig is the perfect option!

Insurance and licences

We hold public liability insurance, as well as specific insurances for aerial acrobatics in Australia.

Our aerialists are required to be at their highest level of fitness and health to perform. All aerialists have professional aerial insurance.

All aerial bar tenders hold a current RSA.

All aerial performers and instructors hold a current Blue Card.


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