Portal Aerial Rig Comparisons

With so many students now embarking on their aerial journeys, it is tempting for a student to start investigating ways to train at home. We see so many dangerous rigging options across many social media platforms, such as rigging from trees or on beams that clearly have not been load tested or rigged properly. This does cause great concern as an aerial instructor and as an aerialist myself.

I do also strongly believe, that due to the dangerous nature of aerials, and the freely accessible information available, that training at home should be avoided until the student has reached a professional/competitive level of performing and training. I can see how tempting it would be for an aerial student to learn tricks from one of the now many online courses, however not realising the complexity of the move, nor completely understanding the wraps. Further to this attempting moves they are physically not ready to perform, resulting in injury.

For the students out there investigating options for home rigging, I have complied a list of rigs that I am aware of in Australia, or has postage to Australia. Some of these rigs I have seen or tried personally. I am not an aerial rigger, nor do I have any association with any of these companies!

I would love to hear from you if you know of any other portable rigs available to Australia or if you have personally tried or used one of the rigs below!


1. Crunchtime Aerial Equipment

Stock photo from Crunch Time

This rated, and large rig is Australian made and owned. Four legged frame with 3 hanging attachments. This rig can be set to three different heights at:

  • 3.2 meters
  • 4.7 meters
  • 6.6 meters (max with a suggested clearance of 6.8 meters)

Rated to 250 kgs for regular moves, with a static rating of 1 tonne.

Fully galvanised and custom coloured, with options to customise the entire rig to your specifications.

Can be set up in under 10 minutes with 2 people, and even possible by one person!

I am personally yet to train on one of these rigs, however what I have heard and seen this would be my go to option! If anyone would like to purchase one of these for Aerial Dreaming that would be great! 🙂

Retailing at $2500 plus delivery (including custom colours, pulley and lines).


2. Terrain Training

Aerial Silks portable rig
Aerial Dreaming performing on the Pyrarig

I am currently unsure if Terrain Training are still selling their rigs, however the "Pyrarig" Free standing aerial rig, is one that I have performed and trained on. The stability that the tripod style rig provides is exceptional with little to no movement on drops and spins. However straddling at the top of this rig can be slightly difficult due to the apex at the top, with more often then not my legs hitting the poles.

The rig is easy to set up with two people, easiest with three, with bolts that can become a little tight to put together in the warmer months.

The full weight of the rig fully set up is 90kgs and is suitable for up to 120kgs and is galvanised for outdoor protection.

The legs come apart into just over 2 meter sections making the rig portable in a normal car.

There is one rigging attachment point. Height to rigging point - 5.5 meters

Retailing at $1870 plus delivery for the basic model (not including pulley and lines, additional for custom colours).



3. Aerials Australia Free Standing Rig

Stock photo from Aerials Australia

A smaller rig that I am personally unfamiliar with, however I would be keen to try or see if someone has one! Made from Magnesium alloy with an adjustable frame height from 1 to 3.4 meters with increments possible in 10cm sections! A small footprint of 4 x 4 meters is appealing with a breaking load of 600kgs.

Standard colour, silver, with manoeuvrable metal feet to adjust to slopes with a silicone base to avoid wear.

The rig can be set up within 5 to 10 minutes by two people, with poles internally sliding into each other which means ease of transport (I hear Aerials Australia is also adding bags for storage and ease of portability).

Would be a suitable height for Lyra, yoga or strength training at home.

Retailing at $1372 plus delivery.






4. Juggle Gear Aerial Rig

Aerial Dreaming Duo on Juggle Gear Rig

I am familiar with this Canadian Rig and have performed on it many times. Postage can be arranged to Australia easily. This rig can be set up very easily and quickly with two people (approx 10 mins) with a pin type connection between each post.

Multiple heights available:

  • 3.6 meters
  • 4.8 meters
  • 6 meters (clearance of 6.1 meters)

The rig has 5 anchor points along the top of the bar with anchor points on each of the legs.

The rig weighs 54.3 kgs with a working load of 566 kg and a breaking load at 2834 kgs.

This rig has rubberised feet which makes indoor set ups a dream, not marking or scuffing floors. Standard black colour.

Retailing currently at $2,250 plus shipping (does not include pulley system - sold separately)


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