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What to bring to your first Aerial Class

What to bring to your first Aerial Class

aerial hoop class


You have signed up to an aerial class! Feeling excited to learn drops, spins, and fly (of course) like P!NK!

But now you have realised you are unsure what to bring, what to take and what to expect!


Lets start with what to wear:

The best thing to wear are dance tights that, ideally, are made from a non-slippery material. The more cotton based the better! This is because many schools use Tricot material for their aerial silks. This material is shiny, sparkles under lights, generally has a small amount of bounce, is fantastic for beginners, however can be SLIPPERY! If your tights are slippery as well you will find that climbing, wrapping, and generally just holding on with your leg wraps will be more difficult when you are starting out. Stick to the cotton based tights and you will find so many moves so much easier! Tights that are also 3/4, 7/8 of full length are also ideal. Tights that cover our knees are ideal for silks, as knee friction can be uncomfortable!

I can pretty much guarantee that at some point in your first couple of classes, you will go upside down! For this reason wearing a form fitting top is the best idea to stop it falling over your head! Many students find wearing a leotard ideal with their tights over the top. This keeps their tummy covered for when starting drops. Alternatively sport crop tops are a popular option.


Filming classes:

Many students find that filming themselves can be beneficial for remembering routines, remembering sequences and of course social media sharing! Most students will set up an ipad or phone against their drink bottle focused on just the apparatus they are using. I personally encourage all students to film themselves, particularly when training for a routine or a new trick. This helps the student to revise sequences and to track progress. Its always so fun looking at photos or videos 12 months on and seeing progress! Especially with aerials being a highly physical sport, your body will change as you become fitter and stronger. This is a rewarding visual to look back on!

Alternatively students will write down sequences or their homework (yes at Aerial Dreaming you get homework!) and can keep track of how many times they have practised through the week. A note book or journal is useful for this to keep track.

Please check your studio rules however prior to filming. At Aerial Dreaming we encourage filming (and photo bombing!) but other studios may have a different approach.


Other items:

  • Drink bottle - water is the best approach here. We do not encourage the use of protein drinks or energy style drinks unless under the guidance of a nutritionist
  • Towel
  • Healthy snacks - If you are attending a couple of classes or at the studio for a number of hours, it is important to bring healthy food to snack on in between classes. Nuts, fruit, light sandwiches are a great idea.
  • Socks and jumper (particularly in winter! But socks can be useful all year round when training certain skills)


Most of all it is so important to have fun! Aerials is such a fun but difficult sport so do not compare yourself to anyone else. You are on your own journey and should be celebrating your own successes and embracing your own challenges. We do hope you have fun at aerial class! Looking forward to seeing you in class!




Star Drop Wraps – How much do you really know?

Star Drop Wraps – How much do you really know?

Welcome to The Aerial Blog!

With so much in the media recently about students falling during competitions due to not understanding the mechanism behind the wraps of aerial silks, I have decided to share my exploration of wraps, in hope to educate others in our sport!

Aerial Dreaming prides itself on safety and ensuring our students understand the mechanism behind the wraps and how they work.

So, our journey begins at the humble Star Drop. How many people out there understand the basics of this drop? We would love to hear your thoughts! Please comment below if you knew or didn't know the mechanisms prior to this blog post.

The Humble Star Drop

For many students, this is the first sideways falling drop you will encounter. Its a fun little drop that does lead into further larger drops, drop stacking, and many slack drops.

We begin by straddling and hooking the same side leg, wrapping behind our back, and wrapping the opposite leg, thus creating our "catchers wrap".


Aerial Silks Star drop wrap

Image 1 (above): Catchers Wrap

From this position we release our top leg (in this case my right) and land in a thigh hitch. The rolling mechanism will come from the wrap behind our back. As soon as we release the leg, gravity will unravel us to roll into the hitch. I've tried to demonstrate here the simple wrap around my thigh that stops the rolling momentum.

Image 2 (above): Release of top leg (right leg)

Image 3 (above): Thigh Hitch

When we wrap our tummy in this wrap, we create an extra safety lock around our back. As you can see the thigh hitch remains the same and is the mechanism that stops us rolling. The only other benefit at this stage for our tummy wrap is to help us balance in the final landing position, as this wrap does support our abdominals and lower back. When we land without the wrap, most of us will tend to be more top heavy. As we progress into harder drops the tummy wrap does have different importance.

Image 4 (above): Catchers Wrap with Tummy Wrap

Image 5 (above): Landing position with tummy wrap

The thigh hitch on its own will also rely on us holding onto the tail as we drop to ensure the lock closes.

Image 6 (above): Thigh hitch landing - without tummy wrap

Image 7 (above): Thigh hitch landing - without tummy wrap

Hopefully you can see from image 7, that is we let go of our tail and grab the post, the wraps will completely undo.


We hope this information has been useful and we hope that more aerialists understand the wraps of all the drops we are performing, teaching or training.

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